Publication of "How to be an Arbitrator: a Personal View"

The HKMLA is pleased to announce the publication of "How to be an Arbitrator: a Personal View" by the former Chairman of the Association, Professor Anselmo Reyes.

The book is based on a five-lecture series of the same name delivered by Professor Reyes in early 2012. The lecture series was organised jointly by the Association and the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong. As those who attended the lectures will recall, Professor Reyes presented both a practical grounding in the "nuts and bolts" of being an arbitrator and also (as the title suggests) a personal view on how to deal with common issues arising in arbitration, based on his experience dealing with the same issues as a High Court Judge.

In his book, Professor Reyes deals in turn with:
● the framework for arbitrations provided by the Arbitration Ordinance,
● the complete cycle of an arbitration from the point of view of the arbitrator,
● various forms of institutional rules under which arbitrations are conducted,
● the enforcement of arbitral awards by the Court, and
● the growth of mediation and what that might mean for the future of arbitration.

The book is available for purchase from the HKMLA at a price of only HK$50.00 per copy. Please address enquiries to the Secretary (